Monday, October 15, 2007

LOT responds to Dreamliner delays

Due to backlogs in production process of a new Boeing plane, Polish passengers flying over the ocean will still have to use the old 767 fleet.

The announcement of Boeing postponing the delivery of 787 to its customers means LOT Polish Airlines will receive the new planes (8 ordered in total, with additional 8 optionally) not sooner than in the spring of 2008. LOT still awaits further detailed announcements, how the delays will influence the calendar of submitting of the ordered planes. There are some paragraphs in the agreement that give carrires certain compensations for delays.

The Boeing announcement will not affect the new planned route between Warsaw and Beijing, operated by LOT and Air China. First flights in March 2008 were supposed to be operated by 767's anyway.

Meanwhile LOT is alsa exchanging its regional fleet. Jetstream 32's are being replaced by ATR turboprops, that will be flying on some domestic routes.

LOT has also cancelled its Warsaw-Lodz connection due to small distance between two cities and introduced changes in Warsaw-Szczecin and Warsaw-Zielona Gora connections. On those routes planes will have stops in Bydgoszcz and Poznan respectively.

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