Thursday, October 11, 2007

LOT eventually decides to suspend its Rzeszow-New York route

Due to lack of staisfactory number of passengers LOT Polish Airlines decided to withdraw from earlier plans of continuing its transatlantic flight from Rzeszow to Kennedy and Newark airports.
The connection was started in June 2007 and was originally thought as just a seasonal route - only for the summer.
It turned out to be a very popular connection - mainly among Polish that are US citizens or US permanent residents, who have families in Rzeszow region, and those flying to their families in the US for the summer. The last flight was scheduled for mid-September. But due to popular demand LOT authorities decided to put 2 Rzeszow-New York flights in their October schedule.
Unfortunately the ticket sales for those flights went really bad, confirming that it was just a flight option profitable in the summer. LOT kept its first October flight, but because only 40% of tickets for the second flight were sold, the latter flight was cancelled. The passengers that did buy the tickets were rebooked for Rzeszow- New York flight via Warsaw.
Winter is generally a low-season for LOT's transatlantic flights to the USA and Canada. It uses 7 planes on its long-haul flights in the summer, and only 4 for trans-continental routes in the winter.
However, LOT will resume its direct Rzeszow-New York connection before summer 2008.

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