Monday, September 17, 2007

We are lost - how pilots should not joke

The captain's announcement brought panic into the cabin. The passengers of the flight from Rome to Milan have been told that the pilot lost its way, and he is not sure if he will manage to land.

"This is captain speaking. We are currently flying over Tyrrhenean Sea and we got lost on our way to Milan. We don't know, where we are any more. We should land in about 20 minutes, if we find our way" - said the joker from the cockpit of Airbus320 flight of Italian Air One airline.

Some of the passengers asked if they are not being recorded on a candid camera. Nobody was laughing though.

Terrified were calmed by the cabin crew. "The pilot was just joking of course" - one of the flight attendants said.

Air One is an Italian Airline, the member of Star Alliance. Its fleet consists of 47 planes and they fly mainly between Rome, Milan, Turin and Venice, but also reach smaller regional airports. Its international destinations include Paris, Barcelona, Athens, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dubrovnik, Split and London (small London City Airport).


airmila said...

fakt, żartować można tylko z tymi, którzy żart zrozumieją. ale i tak, kaptejn musiał mieć świetny humor tego dnia... ;) pozdrawiam autora bloga!

Marcin said...

Autor bloga dziękuje za pozdrowienia! :)