Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Boars bothering Polish airport

Authorities of Szczecin airport in north-west Poland are spending nearly 100 000 zlotys each year (approx. 37000 $) fixing fence surrounding its runway. The fence is constantly being destroyed by wild boars. The airport is situated by a forest and on the boars' trail from woods to the fields.

Boars are biting through the nets or tearing them by trying to go underneath the fencing. A pair of airport's employees are spending 12 hours each day patrolling the fencing surrounding the airport. They are trying to prevent a situation in which a plane trying to land in Szczecin would be forced to abort the touchdown in order not to collide with a boar.

In the picture you can see how close the woods are to the runway and how dense the forest is.

BTW kudos for the airport's website address - could not be simpler than that

Szczecin airport is one of regional airports in Poland. It's a commuter airport for Warsaw (connections by LOT), but is also used by low-cost carriers Ryanair, Centralwings and Norwegian.no that fly from Szczecin to London, Dublin, Edinburgh and Oslo. It is also used by charter airlines and Polish soldiers were departing from here for their service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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