Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Polish low-cost carrier looking East

Centralwings, a subsidiary of LOT Polish Airlines, wants to launch cheap connections to some Eastern European destinations including Russia and Ukraine.

Poland and Russia signed an agreement in 2002 ststing that only one state carrier is allowed to fly on designated route. Centralwings is pushing forward to change this agreement. It's easier with Ukraine which will be hosting European Soccer Championship in 2012 together with Poland and authrities of bith countries are trying to ease the transportation hurdle.

Ryanair - the Irish LCC that's operating also in Poland - would rather EU signed an "open skies" agreement with Russia, similar to the one that was signed with the USA.

So far the only Europoean low-cost carriers flying to Russia are Norwegian.no and Germanwings, subidiary of Lufthansa.

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