Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LOT Polish Airlines continues its Rzeszow-New York route

Despite earlier announcements that Rzeszow-New York direct connection will be suspended after the summer season, after popular demand LOT decided to keep the route in its schedule, limiting it to one flight every two weeks. "It's true this route was very popular throughout the summer vacation and we want to treat the coming month of October as a test for this connection" - says Wojciech Kadziolka, press speaker for LOT.

The planes of Polish national carrier were departing Rzeszow to new York twice a week - on Thursdays and Sundays - starting from June and ending in mid-September. They headed for Newark and JFK respectively.

"LOT is considering keeping the route in our winter schedule, but it depends how the October flights will sell" - adds Andrzej Kozlowski from LOT press bureau.

The "twice a week schedule" of Rzeszow-New York flights will definetely return April next year, 2 months sooner than this year's route introduction.

Read LOT press release in English on Rzeszow-New York connection

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