Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ryanair uses Polish PM (and his girlfriend) in its ad

Irish low-cost carrier published ads with the image of Prime Minister of Poland (57 and still bachelor) and female member of parliament that was dubbed premier's girlfriend by the Polish press.
The ad shows Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Jolanta Szczypinska allegedly planning their honeymoon trip. The PM wonders, if they should take the governmental plane, and the woman replies that there is no need, because Ryanair offers the lowest fares.

Ms. Sczypinska called the ad "the proof of lack of taste among Ryanair's marketing strategists". The Ryanair replied with an apology and an explanation saying that in the society based on the free press celebrities should acknowledge witty satire. However, the carrier apologized for using the term "honeymoon trip" in its ad as inappropriate. It offered to pay to the charity.

Ms. Sczypinska refused to accept the apology, as it was sent to her by fax and written in English. The Prime Minister refused to comment and left the question with a smile, the PM spokesperson said.

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