Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sex with Polish cleaning ladies @ London's Heathrow Airport

Young Polish women working at one of Heathrow's terminals as cleaning personnel created a secret mini sex agency for passengers awaiting their flights.

Rumours about girls' second jobs were spreading among airport's workers, but it came to an end last week, when all of the involved seven were fired.
The male passengers at Terminal 2 were offered a cheap sexual adventure with good-looking Polish girls that have been hired by one of the companies doing cleaning service at the airport. It was obviously something more pleasant than seating for hours on a hard bench or paying a lot for a drink at the airport bar. A client that agreed to pay was escorted to the closest toilet and served by one of the girls, while others were keeping eye on the entrance to the toilets and not letting anybody else in. Other passengers willing to use the bathroom, were told that it's temporarily out of order for the time of cleaning. And seeing a mop in action, decided to look for another restroom.
The one-on-one encounter was 20-30 pounds. Cheap, but the conditions and surroundings were not exactly luxurious. The ones blocking the toilet doors were also given their share of a few pounds.

It came to airport's authorities attention that passengers are complaining about the toilets being closed most of the time. It was the end of an impressive entreprising mind. But the regular passengers who used their service, allegedly missed the girls. They are now bothering every girl in the cleaning company uniform and offering them money.

The airport's security will be now looking more carefully at CCTV monitors for suspicious behaviour in terminal's toilets.


Anonymous said...

that doesnt surprise me at all.since the arrival of polish into britain many marriages have been broken and families destroyed, due to the low self respect that this girls have,they will smile a lot and bend a lot...thats a fact.

Anonymous said...

Stay away from polish women - fact!

ns said...

women and bitches are not the same...thats a fact.dont bring nationality into this, thats worldwide.

Unknown said...

Wow airport toilet, Romantic.

Marek Mazur said...

Wow airport toilet, Romantic.