Monday, July 9, 2007

New terminal in Katowice

80 million zlotys (which is about 28.5 million dollars) was the cost of a new terminal at Katowice Int'l Airport. Now the whole area of the terminal is 3 times bigger and the airport can serve twice as many passangers as before.
The 2-story construction (with a big glass tarrace) works lasted 18 months. It will be oficially opened at the end of July, but it was put into operation now to ease the big passanger flow in the summer season.
According to statistic data, Katowice airport will serve 2 million passangers this year in comparison to 1,5 million last year. Till the end of June 2007 as many as 802,4 thousand people used the airport as their departure or destination point - it is about three times as many as the same period in last year.
Katowice is one of the most dynamic developing regional airports in Poland and it has the biggest increase in passangers served.
The first aiplane arriving at the new terminal was WizzAir flight from Milan-Bergamo. All of the passengers received gifts, and the first two that claimed their luggage (a man from UK and a man from Italy) got the tickets for any flight departing from Katowice compliments of WizzAir.
You can see more pictures of the new terminal in Katowice at

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