Thursday, June 28, 2007

LOT Polish Airlines losing its pilots

They prefer being paid 5 thousand euro to 5 thousand zlotys and they quit their jobs to get employed by other carriers.

LOT is not able too keep them, because it is also not able to pay them more. The last few months have seen some 30 members of highly qualified crew members quitting and starting to work for different company. It is hard to find experienced personnel to replace those leaving.
German Lufthansa will need over 300 pilots within the next several months, so will the Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair. It expects to employ 1000. These airlines are paying their people 4-5 times more than Polish pilots can earn in LOT. Starter salary for its pilot is approx. $1800 a month. While the other carriers are offering from 5 to 9 thousand dollars monthly.

Source: Zycie Warszawy
Photo by LOT

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