Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Polish PM Tusk won't go barefoot in the airport

After his party raised to power in last year's election, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk pledged that he will seek budget cuts by using commercial planes rather than government ones, to fly with foreign visits.

Easier said than done. Just once he managed to fly on a LOT Polish airlines plane - it was his first visit as PM in Brussels.

Now the promise is finally fulfilled. Together with a horde of his aides he will embark on a LOT's plane from Warsaw to New York, and since his itinerary includes a stop in Washington, DC, he will have to use US domestic carriers.

But one of yesterday's news headlines in Poland was that he will not take off his shoes while going through airport security. Polish interior minister confirmed that it was supposed to be agreed with US Department of State. I am wondering what has State Department to do with airport security? If Tusk decided to fly on a regular plane, I think he should obey all the rules that are applied to all passengers.

If you read this post, please find a minute to share your thought, and write down, how the members of government in your countries fly. I'd love to hear your comments.

And now I'm impatiently waiting for the Polish media to check and compare, if flying a group of people in the business class (I doubt they would squeeze themselves in coach) is really cheaper than igniting the government plane.

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