Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2 emergency landings in Poland

Easter Monday was an unusual day for Polish ATC. They had to deal with two emergancy landings in one day.

First a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Kiev, Ukraine had to land in Katowice, when one of the drunk passengers claimed to be a terrorist. After emergency landing the citizen of Russia was detained by Polish border protection officers. During the flight man loudly demanded alcohol and finally shouted that he is a terrorist three times. He declined to give permission to check level of alcohol in his blood. His luggage contained nothing that could be an evidence that he was indeed a terrorist. However, the procedures demanded that the crew landed at the closest airport. The Airbus A320 carrying over one hundred people continued its flight to Kiev.

Two hours later there was another Lufthansa emergency landing, this time in Warsaw. It was allegedly another drunk passanger, whose uncontrolled behaviour led the crew to land. The plane was flying from Bangkok en route to Duesseldorf. There were no signs of the passenger carrying a gun or posing a threat to anyone in the cabin. He is a citizen of Germany, and was accompanied by his wife and a child. After he was detained by Polish border security, his wife decided that she would continue the flight to Germany.

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