Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LOT rejected the blind

Citing safety procedures, LOT POlish Airlines didn't allow four blind passengers to board one plane heading from Warsaw to Wrocław. The flight captain explained the regulations allow him to take only two disabled passengers per flight. However, there were absolutely no problems for LOT to fly all four from Wrocław to Warsaw in the first place.

Unlucky passengers claimed they were not told of this procedure upon buying the tickets, even if they had underscored the need of special care. What is even more surprising, all four made it in one plane to Warsaw beforehand. "We have even received all boarding passes for the round-trip," said Dorota Sulich-Jasińska, who took care of all four during their weekend-long stay in Warsaw.

Two disabled passengers were asked off the plane, and offered to be transported by bus. They chose to fly with another plane on the next day. The airline's spokesperson expressed his apology and explained the reservation system should not have sold more than two tickets to disabled passengers for the same flight.

A clip from Polsat's Wydarzenia (in Polish)

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