Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ground personnel strike in Warsaw

Wednesday's 2-hour strike at Okecie airport in Warsaw forced Polish Airlines LOT, its domestic subsidiary EuroLot and its low-cost carrier Centralwings to cancel 10 flights and caused 32 delays. Ground workers refused to check-in passengers' luggage for LOT's flights, handle checked-in luggage and issue boarding passes. Other flights departing from Warsaw were unaffected. Ground personnel that are members of 3 labor unions working for LOT Ground Services - a company dependent of LOT - demand raise in pay, a change in pension plans and bigger compensation in case of group reductions. Around 1600 union members participated in the warning strike.

A labor union of flight attendants working for LOT also threatened to perform a strike this week. They demand 30 percent raise. Polish Airlines board of directors is ready to propose 4 times less.

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