Friday, February 13, 2009

Former Polish MP makes a scene on a plane

Jan Rokita, a former member of the Polish parliament, and currently a commentator for one of the Polish dailies, was guided off Lufthansa plane in handcuffs after he apparently annoyed one of the flight attendants. Rokita was travelling from Munich to Krakow with his wife, who currently serves as an MP. The reports vary on the reason for disturbance on board, but it seems that Rokitas refused to place their coats in over-head compartment or a flight attendant placed their coats in compartments located a few rows behind their seats. A quarrel occurred and the police was called on board. Rokita was walked off the plane before the take-off causing a delay in schedule.

TVN24 revealed a voice recording that was made on board. Rokita screams in Polish: "Help me! Germans are beating me!". Some passengers are heard shouting at him in Polish: "Please get off the plane!". However, it was not confirmed that the recording was authentic. Lufthansa demanded 8,000 Euro from Rokita for causing flight delay.

Rokita is considered a very intelligent person, so it is hard to imagine this kind of behaviour from him. However, both he and his wife are also known for their big egos and famous stinginess.

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